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Adaptive information retrieval is achieved by bringing together user modeling and Web information retrieval. This is cleary described by Brusilowsky and Tasso in their preface to special issue on user modeling for Web information retrieval journal paper [1].

Basically, adaptation is performed on two directions:

  • adding semantic capabilities, to improve the accuracy of the retrieval
  • providing better mechanism for interacting with the user, included adaptive presentation and visualization techniques.

ADAPTIVE INFORMATION ACCESS main topics (cited by Brusilowsky e Tasso) are:

  • retrieval
  • filtering
  • visualization
  • browsing


In these systems the user model can influence the visualization presented to the user, while the interaction with information is used to update this model.

[edit] Projects

UCAIR: User-Centered Adaptive Information Retrieval Project. Information Retrieval Group at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

[edit] Papers

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